Britomart Shoring

Dated: May 2011 Display all Projects
Principal: Auckland City Council
Distributor: Hynds Pipe Ssystems
Contractor: John Fillimore Contracting Ltd (JFC)
Product: Single Slide Rail



When JFC were contracted to undertake the upgrade of Takutai Square adjacent to the new WestPac building, they were confronted with a tricky problem. Part of the upgrade of the square involved the excavation and removal of some existing underground tanks and replacing them with new in situ large planter boxes for trees and a new water supply tank.

What made it tricky was that the excavation was directly alongside the road on one side and directly against the side of the Britomart Station wall on the other side. Although only 3m depth there was considerable risk of damage to the roadway and services as well as risk to any workers inside the excavated area.

Trench Shoring New Zealand was called on to offer a shoring solution. The EGVP Single Slide Rail system proved to be perfect for the application. The system was carefully installed with shoring apnels on one side and slide rails only on the tunnel wall side. When open space was required for the works, an external waler was added along one side enabling the transverse frame to be removed.






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