Well Connected Auckland - Large MGF Pit

Dated: October 2013 Display all Projects
Principal: NZ Transport Agency
Location: Avondale, Auckland
Contractor: Brian Perry Civil
Product: MGF 203 series shoring braces and trench sheets


16m long x 8m wide x 6m deep.

MGF 203 series frames x 2

MGF knee braces x 2

MGF 200 series 200 series struts together at mid-span

KKD 600/6 trench sheets - 600mm wide x 6m long

Temporary works design supplied by TSNZ complete with calculations and installation sequence drawings.


The first MGF frame is assembled then used as a guide for the trench sheets.

Trench sheets are pre-driven to depth - in this case 6m

A second frame is placed, excavation proceeds and the frames are lowered to pre-designed positions before being pumped out to the required pressure. Frames are hung from chains attached to the sheets.


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  • Coming Soon!

    Big news - 6m long slide rail panels are on there way to NZ.


  • Did you know that there are regulations that apply to excavations over 1.5m deep
    Are you at risk of breaching them?

    We can help!