Shoring in the Sea - Milford Footbridge

Dated: September 2015 Display all Projects
Principal: Auckland City
Location: Milford, Auckland
Contractor: Brian Perry Civil
Product: Slide Rail

To build a new footbridge across the Milford Estuary Brian Perry Civil had first to construct the footings in the tidal zone. Quite a challenge with a mixture of marine mud and underlying rock and, twice a day, sea water - lots of it.

 The answer was to install several sets of slide rail to create secure work zones for the foundation construction.

This included corner slide rail to form  square pits and combination corner and parallel slide rail to for an oblong pit.

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  • Coming Soon!

    Big news - 6m long slide rail panels are on there way to NZ.


  • Did you know that there are regulations that apply to excavations over 1.5m deep
    Are you at risk of breaching them?

    We can help!