New Excavation Guide from Worksafe NZ

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The old Code of Practice for Safety in Excavations and Shafts for Foundations 1995, was out-dated and did not provide adequate guidelines for undertaking such work safely. Since 1995 there have been many new developments, associated with excavation practice, in the New Zealand civil construction market.

The advent of specialist hire companies and suppliers of shoring systems has made safe excavation practical and accessible. TSNZ supplies certified shoring systems from recognized major manufacturers and in Germany and the UK and all of the systems supplied are certified to the highest standards in the world, BS/EN 13331.

The range of equipment now available means that all excavations, not just those deeper than 1.5m which must have protection under the NZ regulations, can now be made safe.

Worksafe's new guideline contains all sorts of practical information about the roles and responsibilities of those engaged in excavation works, planning the work, identifying risks and controlling those risks via a range of solutions. That range of solutions is far wider than under the old code.

Be aware, that although the old Code of Practice has been revoked and therefore no longer applies, the new Excavation Guidelines are just as much applicable in a court of law should an excavation fail. The new penalties in the NZ Health & Safety Act 2016 will apply.

The new guidelines are available from Worksafe in printed form or electronically via the Worksafe NZ website or here via this link.



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