Trench Sheet Frame System

KKP Sheet Pile Frames - Mini & Standard

KKP Mini

  • To be used in conjunction with the KVL Mini Boxes as it uses the same strut. It is designed for use with KD4/6 trench sheets
  • Suitable for trenches up to 3000mm deep. Inside width is as per KVL Mini Box
  • Units are 2840mm long with a panel depth of 600mm
  • Safe Working Load is 44.2kN/m2


KKP Standard

  • This larger frame is dual fitted for use with KS100 struts and slide rail systems
  • Suitable for trenches up to 3500mm deep and inside width of 600mm to 3300mm when used with the KS100
  • 6000mm deep and inside width to 7400mm when used as part of of the slide rail system
  • Units are 4000mm long with a panel depth of 1000mm
  • Limit State Load is to 81.6kN/m²
Description Unit Lx H
Clear Inside Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Clearance Between Struts (mm) Weight
Limit State Design 
Load (kN/m²)
Mini Pile Guide KKP 2840 x 600 530 - 1890 60 2540 730 44.2
Pile Guide KKP 4020 x 1000 1000 - 3300 120 3590 2170 81.6

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    Big news - 6m long slide rail panels are on there way to NZ.


  • Did you know that there are regulations that apply to excavations over 1.5m deep
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