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Soil Arch Theory - Trench Jack Shoring Principles

The use of arch construction has been around since before the Romans made it famous in their architecture.
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Sure and steady growth at Trench Shoring New Zealand

With Health & Safety top of mind for most organisations and the unnecessary deaths of too many people in shaft collapses over the years...
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Safer, more efficient excavations for Christchurch

Single slide rail specifically imported by TSNZ for hire to Christchurch contractors is now available.
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Unit Standard for Trench Shoring in New Zealand

A new unit standard is being developed for training of those involved in trench shoring.
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Single Slide Rail is here

TSNZ now has the new EGVP single slide rail shoring system in NZ
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NEW EGVP Single Slide Rail

TSNZ has ordered some Krings France EGVP Single Slide Rail from Europe
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  • Mt Maunaganui SW - New Ladder Access Platform

    New light weight ladder access platform used by Brian Perry Civil for safe access.
  • Multibox Magic

    What shoring to use when site access is limited to a small excavator - Multibox is...


  • Did you know that there are regulations that apply to excavations over 1.5m deep
    Are you at risk of breaching them?

    We can help!