Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Waler

Hydraulic bracing systems are designed to operate in conjunction with trench sheets or sheet piles.

These systems satisfy the many permutations for two sided trench and four sided manhole, chamber or small cofferdam type excavations that are typically encountered in groundwork, utility and other general industry applications.

Simple Pin and Clip connections enable rapid assembly and installation and precise adjustment of dimensions can be achieved via integral hydraulic rams.

Site safety is assured by utilising our range of compatible safety products and ancillary tools.

  • A productive and flexible solution for two sided trench applications where service crossings must be managed and maintained
  • Recommended for use with MGF Standard 4m trench sheets
Description Length L
Depth W
Internal Strut
Clearance C (mm)
Sheet to Sheet
dimension (mm)
Steel Waler 4000 95 3510 815 - 3800 129

Description Length L (mm) Weight (kg) SWL (kN)
Hydraulic Waler Strut 800 - 1400 18 80
Water Strut Extension 500 9 -



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