Hydraulic Systems

200 Series Hydraulic Strut

For use with the 203 series bracing to provide effective cross struts and knee braces. And, for effective propping systems to support piled or other retaining wall types

  • Modular system with a range of dedicated extension sections
  • Compatible with the 203 brace frames to provide heavy duty support for deep parallel shoring or large in ground tanks

Description Length L (mm) Section (mm) Weight SWL (kN)
Hydraulic Pack (54t) 1150 - 1750 250 SHS 275kg 540
200 Series Extension 500 - 3000 200 SHS 70/kg/m 540

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    Big news - 6m long slide rail panels are on there way to NZ.


  • Did you know that there are regulations that apply to excavations over 1.5m deep
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