New - MGF Excavation Support Systems

“Our new MGF Excavation Support Systems equipment will be available in early November,” says Frank Swanberg, General Manager for Trench Shoring New Zealand Ltd. “We have had a lot of enquiry regarding this addition to our range as it allows us to offer pit shoring in a much larger range of sizes and shapes, as well as single sided shoring.”

Temporary works designs will be significantly simplified for customers with the use of the MGF systems.

Modular Hydraulic Bracing Systems

For larger excavations demanding increased clear openings MGF offer a range of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bracing Systems.

This is an extremely flexible range of strong and durable frames that can be configured to satisfy multi sided excavations in conjunction with trench sheets or sheet piles for perimeter support. Typical applications include fuel tanks, interceptors, storm water tanks, CSO chambers etc.


Designed and manufactured by MGF and supplied by TSNZ
Powerful and adjustable hydraulic packs from 15 to 30 tonne to meet required dimension and deliver system pre-load where appropriate
Hydraulic lock-off valves for maximum control and safety
Modular system with a range of dedicated extension sections to deliver clear frame dimensions from approx 2 to 12m
Simple pinned connections for speed and ease of assembly, installation and extraction
Double-acting hydraulics can be pumped both in and out for improved operation
Can be adapted to create octagonal frame configurations
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It’s going so well

After years of planning and proposed configurations, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has begun construction on its largest, most challenging and expensive project to date - the Waterview Connection project.  The tunnel, motorway and interchange contract was awarded to the ‘Well-Connected Alliance’ back in August 2011.

With this massive project just getting underway Trench Shoring New Zealand has been called upon to supply shoring equipment for the Hendon Ave sewer diversion, one of the first stages to the project, with the aim of ensuring that the number one priority on the project objectives list - to be injury free - is met.

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Not just for pipes

The long awaited regeneration of New Lynn began with New Lynn’s new transport hub which was completed in September 2010. The work included a kilometre-long underground trench for the railway corridor, double tracking and an award-winning transport interchange. Work continues on the transformation with the inclusion of the Merchant Quarter, adjacent to the New Lynn transport interchange, which will include 7,000m² of commercial and retail space, a new parking building and medical centre. New Lynn’s roadsides and surroundings are also getting a spruce up with Trench Shoring New Zealand’s systems required to shore Great North Road while improvements are made.

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