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Principal: Watercare Services Ltd
Customer: Watercare Services Ltd
Location: HEB Contruction Limited
Contractor: Subway Road, Pukekohe
Product: New single slide rail system

The drinking water supplied to residents in the Pukekohe area is to be improved by Watercare Services Limited (Watercare) as they deliver a solution that will resolve both capacity and water quality issues. Water sources and plants in Pukekohe have not been able to produce enough water to satisfy peak demand and there have been longstanding complaints about the water colour and quality.

The $14 million project to construct a 6.3km water main that will supply the Pukekohe township with the same quality water as that supplied to metropolitan Auckland began in late 2011 with the 6.3km stretch between the reservoirs of Pukekohe and Runciman beginning in January.

Adel Ahmed, Project Manager for HEB Construction - the contractors appointed by Watercare for the installation of the new water main - explains: “The second stage of this project began in January and has been progressing very well - helped by the use of Trench Shoring New Zealand’s single slide rail shoring system which we have used in places along the installation.”

“In shallow trenches we would use standard shields but in these ground conditions and due to the depth of the trenches we chose Trench Shoring’s single slide rail system,” says Adel.

HEB Construction currently has 6 panels of the single slide rail system in use creating 27 metres of continuous shoring for the 667mm OD (outside diameter) pipe which is being laid. The 1.8m width of the system and trench allows plenty of room for the welders to weld the 12 metre sections of pipe in place and allows for the back filling and compacting of the ground to complete each section on the water main.

“Due to the fact the system slides up we can install these very long sections of pipe and have continuous progress - making it much quicker than a standard system,” adds Adel. “Progress on the project has been very good. I would say it could be up to 50% faster than normal. I am really pleased with the system and with the progress of this project.”

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