Victoria Park Tunnel - Deep Stormwater Diversion

Dated: March 2010 Display all Projects
Principal: Victoria Park Alliance
Distributor: Humes Pipeline Systems
Contractor: Brian Perry Civil
Product: DGVP Double Slide Rail System

Before any piling works or excavation can begin for the new motorway tunnel being built to carry SH Northbound traffic under Victoria Park in Central Auckland, existing stormwater pipelines have to be diverted away from the line of the tunnel. The Freeman's Bay culvert is being diverted through a new concrete box culvert. This culvert varies in size up to 4.1m wide x 2.6m deep and is being installed at invert levels of almost 6m below ground level.

There are 109 of the 1.55m long units to be installed and they traverse some tricky ground. The job started in Victoria Park and will soon cross the very busy Victoria Street before entering Franklin Road and passing by the historic Birdcage Hotel.

3 modules of DGVP are being used with 2 x 2.4 base panels and 1 x 1.3 extension panel on each side to achieve the full depth. Brian Perry Civil have geared up well utilising a 45 tonne excavator for the installation and excavation togther with a large crane which is being used to install some of the DGVP components as well as the box sections. A small excavator is used for backfill and extraction of the DGVP.

The box sections are being laid at a rate of up to 4 per day. General bedding is placed and compacted in the excavation followed by scoria fines bedding material which is being spread and screeded using a small excavator which has been lowered into the trench.



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