Rhodes Street Sewer Renewal Christchurch

Dated: February 2009 Display all Projects
Principal: Christchurch City Council
Distributor: Humes Pipeline Systems
Contractor: Blakely Construction Ltd
Product: KS100 Shoring System

When Blakely Construction Ltd were faced with the constraints of a safe work environment, time, space and tight pricing for the renewal of the sewer along narrow Rhodes Street in Christchurch, they looked to Humes Pipeline Systems and Trench Shoring New Zealand Ltd for a solution.

Blakelys met with Humes representative, Mr Duncan Sole, who proposed they use the TSNZ Krings International France KS100 shoring system. Duncan proposed two 4m long x 2.2m high KS100 units be used to meet all of the constraints and was able to demonstrate that not only would the job be safe but would be able to be constructed with a minmum of disruption and very economically.

The 2.5m deep trench had to be shored as it was over 1.5m deep and there was no space to bench or batter. By using the certified Krings International France KS100 positive shoring system, instead of traditional home built drag behind shields, Blakely's Paul Havill and Hank Blakely were able to provide a safe trench for their workers whilst ensuring the adjacent footpath, kerb and channel were not disturbed. The Christchurch City Council required that the street be kept open and, becuase of the narrow and controlled profile of the Krings International France KS100 shoring system this was able to be acheived with minimal disruptiion to traffic or to residents. By limiting the width of the trench to just that shored by the Krings International France KS100, Blakelys were able to ensure that cut to waste, bedding, backfill and reinstatement were all kept to an absolute minimum.

Woody Blakely, Managing Director of Blakelys Construction Ltd, received positive feedback from his team on site who stated that they would happily use the Krings International France KS100 shoring system again. Blakelys also received compliments from local residents for the minimal disruption caused by the works.

The Christhcurch City Council complimented Blakelys on the use of the Krings International France KS100 shoring system.

In all a great solution.

For further information about the Krings International France KS100 shoring system please contact TSNZ General Manager, Frank Swanberg ph 021 944632 or Mr Duncan Sole from Humes Pipeline Systems ph 0274 862315

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