Super Lightweight Shoring Box

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Principal: Auckland City
Location: Symonds Street, Auckland Central
Contractor: Laser Plumbing
Product: Gripshore Trench Box

Trench Shoring NZ Ltd is the Australasian agent for the UK based, multi-national shoring company MGF Excavation Support Solutions. MGF has over the past 3 years developed then launched, in mid 2015, the Gripshore range of ultra-lightweight hydraulic shoring system. TSNZ adopted this revolutionary new product range and imported an initial shipment late 2015.

The Gripshore range is subsequently proving its worth in the NZ market with a range of applications and demand which is growing rapidly. It's a huge advantage to be able to assemble, lift and place Gripshore products by hand or with a very small excavator.


Laser Plumbing had a site location in the busy centre of Auckland which required shoring for a pipe repair job but which had very limited access. Only a small excavator could be deployed. When the Laser guys found out that they could get the new Gripshore utility trench box from TSNZ they jumped at the opportunity.

This Gripshore box is ideal for relatively shallow but dangerous excavations which are often required by utilities companies. This Gripshore box is 1500mm long and 1500mm deep. The GRP panels are bonded to two GRP Vertishore pairs which have hydraulic struts connected to the small hydraulic hand pump. Generally the set up is pumped out to around 450 psi in order to create soil arching to make the installation completely safe. Fully assembled the box is only 58kg so can be lowered into position by two men with the lifting strops provided by TSNZ.

Job done!

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