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Some time ago TSNZ announced that some EGVP single slide rail was on order from Krings in France. This equipment arrived recently and was soon in use at the Victoria Park Tunnel Project in Auckland. Here it was used in conjunction with the DGECK double corner slide rail to create a 7m x 3m open pit for the installation of a SW360 stormwater filtration tank.

The EGVP single slide rail shoring system is designed for trenches up to 4m deep and, like it's big brother the DGVP double slide rail shoring system, it has a sliding transverse frame assembly to enable the required clearance for installing pipe or box culvert sections up to 2m diameter.

This initial order of EGVP single slide rail is also booked for the big South West Interceptor project in Auckland starting mid October and running for up to 6 months. Here is will be used, in conjunction with the double slide rail shoring system, to lay large diameter PE pipe in 15m lengths.

TSNZ has significant further quantities of EGVP single slide rail on order. This will be available to hire at the end of 2010. 


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