Safer, more efficient excavations for Christchurch

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Trench shoring NZ Ltd now has single slide rail available for hire in Christchurch. This will suppliment the KS100 trench boxes which are in big demand. Single slide rail is designed for excavations to 4m deep and pipe diameters up to 2m. Width is variable depending on the length of the transverse beams used, but it equally useful for box culverts as for pipes. Long lengths of pipe can be easily laid with slide rail as the transverse frames can be raised or lowered to accommodate the entry of pipe into the trench. At least 7 modules are available using 4m or 3m long shoring panels to provide whatever shored length is required. As well, single corner slide rail is available to provide 4 sided pit shoring to 4m deep, either 3m or 4m square (or 3m x 4m)

Contact Humes pipelines or Hynds Pipe Systems in Christchurch to access this equipment or contact TSNZ directly.


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